Friday, May 14, 2010

New Paintings

So far I have only posted drawings, so I’m going to try and start posting some of my paintings. Over time my style and technique has been through many changes and now I think I’m finally starting to see my own voice emerge. I paint with a thick impasto style and I usually use a pallet knife more than brushes. I’m starting to incorporate more conceptual ideas into my work. My work still continues to change and currently I’m working on total abstraction, which I will soon post. Regardless if my work is figurative or abstract I’m most interested in conveying energy and emotion.

"Partnership In Avoidance" 22"x30" oil on canvas
"Partnership In Avoidance" depicts two stoic and immobilized figures juxtaposed in front of a hell like atmosphere. The two figures are unaware of each other and their surroundings. The artist poses a question about personal and social accountability regarding the environment and each other.